Trump's Book: 'Dangerous by Design'

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Dr. Bodie Paterno, the physician who wrote the bestselling book "Oxymoron," has a new book on the presidential candidate Donald Trump's fitness for office, titled "Dangerous by Design." The book examines his performance at his speaking engagements. It is a scathing critique of Mr. Trump's campaign, his policies and his rhetoric. Paterno's message is, "My kid's education is more important than Donald Trump's ego."

Dr. Bodie Paterno writes that "Donald Trump is a con man" and that his campaign rhetoric, policies and practices are either willfully ignorant or the result of deliberate manipulation to satisfy the ego. He says Mr. Trump's aim is to use every publicity opportunity to tell everyone he is a great person. At one point he laments, "I can't remember a single time when Mr. Trump was telling the truth."

Dr. Bodie Paterno is not shy about his assessment of Mr. Trump. He begins with his own experience as a student of physics who met Donald Trump. According to Dr. Paterno, Mr. Trump won an award in physics for one of his experiments and thereafter began bragging about his ability to make up rules as he went along.

Dr. Bodie Paterno writes, "Never have I seen someone who doesn't know what they are talking about have such an easy ability to manipulate others. The only benefit is it gives him an inflated ego. Who can resist a nice clean look?"

Dr. Bodie Paterno also writes that Mr. Trump would tell his audience, "Nothing good happens unless it's a good thing." He notes, "He is making himself into an expert on everything." He believes this is not the way to go.

Dr. Bodie Paterno compares Mr. Trump to some of the most notorious con men of the past century, including "John Dillinger and Raymond Reddington." He says, "Mr. Trump is the face of my generation of con men. There is no honor in this kind of dishonesty."

Dr. Bodie Paterno says he has been asked to lecture at universities and public colleges. Some of his lectures focus on taking the dignity out of the presidency and putting it in the hands of television personalities. He says it is a "disaster." "This is a farce," he says.

Dr. Bodie Paterno concludes, "The problem for Donald Trump is he has a higher calling - for the leader of the free world. That's a great cause, but he doesn't see the difference between the two.

Dr. Bodie Paterno says Mr. Trump's problems are self-created. He says his only path to greatness is through humility. He says, "He never thought he was going to be president of the United States, and in fact, he said he doesn't care about being president.

Dr. Bodie Paterno believes Mr. Trump is a failed businessman who cannot stand by what he has built. He says, "I believe he really doesn't have a clue about what he's doing. He is not focused on what's right. He has no concern about what he does. He'll say anything just to get his name in the news."

Dr. Bodie Paterno concludes, "America needs someone who knows how to lead. And Mr. Trump has no leadership experience. But don't expect his promises to work - they won't."

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